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Cycle Ride 2013

The Big Tenth Event-

The Landmark Tour

66 steady miles ('D' route)
100 speedy miles ('Z' route)

In aid of the North Devon Hospice

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2013 Riders

SUNDAY 9th JUNE 2013

Latest News

Having a rest 16th November 2013

It has been an incredible 10 events!

What started as a idea and 4 people, has grown beyond anyone's dreams.

Each event takes a full year to organise.
This is a long time away from our families, and 'real life' things we need to do
(my bike has not been cleaned since 2007).

So now, we need a rest.

Thank you to very one who has been involved or touched the ride in any way shape or form.
Over the years, this will run to literally hundreds of people-
thank you so very much to you all for making this such a unique event,
and being a big part of our lives for 10 years.

Also, thank you to the sponsors-
companies and people who believed in us so much you gave us money to run the event.
We hope we have justified your faith in us (£210,000 raised so far and counting!).


So, before we head off into the sunset, can we ask just a couple things-

-Get your money in for this years ride (if you haven't already)
-Wear your tops when riding, and wave to us out on the road.

Happy riding!

Prize winner- most raised 14th September 2013

In a close fought competition,
we are so pleased to announce we have a winner.

Step forwards- MARC CARTER.

Marc rode the 100 mile route this year- his first event.
He rode to support a close friend, but now has caught the bug, and rides 3 times a week.

Amazingly, through global use of his Just Giving page,
he raised an incredible £1657.33 (including gift aid).

I think we all agree- the £100 worth of Southfork Vouchers are very well earned.

Marc Carter

Marc with his vouchers


2013 Strava Champions 17th June 2013

The times which have been claimed have been checked and verified-

We have this years Strava Champions!


Check them out here.

2013 Media 13th June 2013

There are some amazing pictures coming in- thank you to everyone.

The first place to look is on the Face Book group- which can be found here.
(if you are not yet a member of the group, request entry- it wont be long before your added).
(Membership to Facebook required).

Official Photographer Rob Puig's usual brilliant gallery can be found here.

Holly Paddon's pictures from the start and morning are here.

A photo from J&S can be found here.

Kyle Reed's photos can be found here.

Sean Ross's group photo (below) can be found here.

2013 Group Small

We made it! 9th June 2013


What a day! The sun shone, wheels turned. 445 starters made it the best and biggest ride yet.

Here is a list of the starters.


Thank you to, well, basically everyone.

  • All our lovely roadies, which made the day run so smoothly.
  • Marcus Forde, our commissar, who drove in front of the riders, and helped out throughout the day.
    He is a new addition this year, and helped improve the safety of the ride immensely.
  • The people on the streets, roads and corners, who stood and cheered us on.
  • All the patient motorists (especially on the last leg). Putting together an event like this hard,
    and your patience is very much appreciated.
  • The riders who stopped to help at the accident.
    You turned a potentially
    difficult situation into a smooth and simple process,
    and have made a difference (more below on this).
  • All our Sponsors. I hoe you feel your investment is worthwhile; and it brings you a great return.

BUT especially to the riders-
those miles are worth it, when we turn them into pounds for the North Devon Hospice.


Couple things; firstly, GET YOUR MONEY IN!

In your goody bag was an envelope for you to pop your cheques in
(DONT FORGET YOUR SPONSORSHIP FORM so we can claim gift aid),
and send to

Emma Lowe

The North Devon Hospice

Devon Coast to Coast Challenge

Deer Park



EX32 0HU

Don't forget we have our MOST FUNDS RAISED prize again.
The person who gets in the most funds raised
by 1st September 2013 will receive £100 Southfork Vouchers!


Any pictures you have taken along the way, please can we have them!

Send them to simon@coast-coast.co.uk, and we will try our best to include them in our galleries.
If they are on Facebook, don't forget to tag the group in on them!




Accident Update

Rider Lou Olde came off in some gravel just after Dolton, and landed heavily on her face.
Thank you if you supported her,
especially Russ, Donna and Debbie (apologies if I have missed your name off here).

Lou was released from Hospital at 4pm with nothing more than
cuts bruises and a broken pair of sunglasses,
and she even came to the finish to see the end riders in.

On her behalf, thank you.


Rider Support Pack 3rd June 2013

That's it- the entries are closed.

Thank you to everyone who has made it our BIGGEST ride yet by signing up.

As usual, we have produced our Rider Support Pack, for all the information you need for the day.

Click here to Download

Now, there is only one thing left to do; pray for Sunshine and a kind wind!

2013 Strava Challenge 19th May 2013

On Strava?

Fancy winning a £20 Southfork Voucher?

We have selected 2 sections-

one for D route and 1 for Z route-for you to have a crack at on the day!

Click here for the details!

The Landmark Theatre 28th April 2013

There is ONLY one place that we could start and finish the Landmark Tour-
that is, of course, the excellent Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe.


(Click image for the website)

We started here on the 2008 event,
and it is fitting that we both start and finish here this year.

The location is a great venue (as you will see!),
and there will be food and refreshments available
for riders and supporters at the start and the finish.

We are proud of this partnership for the Landmark tour!

2012 Amount 3rd February 2013

2012 saw us raise a record amount for the North Devon Hospice- £44,242.00!

2012 Cheque

This is amazing!

Well done to all that took part;
now, the goal is to beat this in 2013.....



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